CVS FUTURE FUND: The CVS Future Funds is also said to be a kind of portal like the CVS Learnet login site. You would be interested in reading this post if you are searching for information on the same (CVS Future Funds).

How to login into your CVS Future Fund Account

First of all, you will have to submit a personalized 7-digit CVS associate number in order to gain access to a CVS Future Fund account. If you have accidentally lost your access to this identification number, you can make a request to CVS to provide you with a designated user id.

Please provide your email address so that we may give you all of the necessary information. You may regain access to your mycvshr account using the email you got.

What Should I Do if I Have Forgotten My Pin?

Use the “forgot pin” choices that are located on the forgotten pin page to regain access to your CVS future fund 401k account. The CVS is equipped with alternate contingency plans in case of emergency situations. The CVS Company will always be able to provide a hotline that is only used for this particular reason.

It is recommended that you contact myHR CVS via the number 888-694-7287. The company also recommends that you prompt for a 401(k) by abiding by the guidelines and instruction rules. This will let you simply transfer to the next contact center of the future fund that is available.

The permitted timings for contacting the customer care representatives are 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time only from Monday to Friday. You will always be attended to and assisted by a representative who is ready to listen to your queries at these timings.

Previous experience has shown that the Internet Explorer 7 Browser is incompatible with our future-funds accounts since it does not support the portal. It is strongly advised that you replace your browser with Chrome, Firefox, or something similar.

If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please upgrade it to the most recent version. After installing the browser, double-check to see whether it is compatible.


You may discover more about CVS’s future fund by clicking on the provided link. You may also use this link to log in to your account. CVs may be found at

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